1. "Vaccines? I ruv vaccines!" - @ruckustheeskie getting a home vet visit from @barkcare http://ift.tt/1pdQVjt

  2. "What do you mean you don’t want to sleep with me? Do you even know how instagram famous I am?" Via @dieselthedestroyerr http://ift.tt/1rMiMYU

  3. #StrawBetrayal via @pumpkin.sunshine http://ift.tt/1nq4ooi

  4. “Every time you do this, we need to rebuild trust.” -@nevillejacobs #ASeriousBetrayal#TakeALookAtYourPriorities http://ift.tt/1tzOg4V

  5. "Talk to the paw" #outamyface
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  6. "If they put you in a garbage can, I bet you’d be grouchy too"
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  7. "This dog roadtripped across 32 states with is owner in an RV? Where did he poop???" #InquiringMinds

    Maty The Tri-pawed Disc Dog is paws-deep into her new summer read, @travelswithcasey, available today!
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  8. "This dog roadtripped across 32 states with is owner in an RV?Where did he poop???" #InquiringMinds

    @oliverthegoldendoodle is paws-deep in his new summer read, @travelswithcasey, available today! http://ift.tt/1nxJ6qu

  9. "Because I’m happy!" -@unclesamsung #ClapAlongIfYouFeelLikeARoomWithoutAWoof http://ift.tt/1nh7afr

  10. "I love shopping at the snack emporium!" Via @marniethedog http://ift.tt/1o2C2AZ

  11. "I think I might have crabs"

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  12. “What do you mean, we have to put on real clothes?” -@streetstyledogs #HateMondaze#LikeHoodiez http://ift.tt/1yR7GF7

  13. "Moooom, he said I couldn’t come play in his dog house." -@bentley_englishbulld0g http://ift.tt/1n4HTFS

  14. "Good things come to those who sit!"
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  15. "Making friends with the local bears!" Via @samsonthedood http://ift.tt/1qv1l1X