1. “Are the towels out of the dryer yet? We just wanna snuggle in ‘em.”#GentleCyclePlease via @pawfectyorkies http://ift.tt/1x6qKSq

  2. "It’s ok, you don’t have to tell me I’m your favorite. I already know I am."#OurLittleSecret via @tcupmimi_thechihuahua http://ift.tt/1nusiw9

  3. "Just got my pilot’s license. Who wants to go for ride to Derpville?" - @gus_and_rosie http://ift.tt/1r80thH

  4. “What? The ladies ruv truffles.” #AmIDoingThisRight via @bleuintheburg http://ift.tt/1q31CHv

  5. Fancy dress party tonight for @tankandbear. #dapperpups http://ift.tt/1vCvY6I

  6. Who fancies a dress-up with @tankandbear? http://ift.tt/1r2aM6T

  7. "Do I have something in my teef?" - @bigchunkymonkey http://ift.tt/1nNYYQW

  8. “The cat made me do it.” ‪#‎MunchkinIsASultryTemptress‬
    via http://ift.tt/1liJ9lz http://ift.tt/1ngO6ex

  9. “Did you bring bacon? No? Then we’re not getting out of bed.” @emwng http://ift.tt/1vAj3Ce

  10. "Hey girl - you must be my backyard cause I’m digging you hardcore." - @thatgoldendog http://ift.tt/1ucAghn

  11. Soooo… this is nap time at Corgi Daycare? #IVolunteerAsTribute http://ift.tt/1CdMewH

  12. "Mom. Mooooom! Are you watching?!" #LookAtUsLookAtUsLookAtUs via @angel_missnyx http://ift.tt/1vxn3U3

  13. "You can’t touch my booty. But you can sniff it, sure." via @corgistagram http://ift.tt/1wQ2nbB

  14. "Yeah some guy says your refrigerator is running but honestly you don’t pay me enough to chase it so…" #WorkHardNapHarder via @deanthebasset http://ift.tt/1CbcwQr

  15. I don’t always look this cute. But when I do, it’s because I pooped somewhere in the house.”#GoodLuckFindingIt via @mrolliepants http://ift.tt/VT5ped