1. "I don’t think this is what he meant by crating me, but whatever." #IWokeUpForThis #GoingBackToBed #ItsSunday
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  2. β€œWake me up when it’s dinnertime.” #FoodieDreams via @bulldogstuff http://ift.tt/1tMzM3r

  3. "Thank you based dog." #SwagToTheMaximum #YeahIParty via @goldenjays http://ift.tt/1sM5PfR

  4. Doin’ my best impression of a billy goat. Is it baaaaad? via @yippy_n_jonah http://ift.tt/1tFoNsC

  5. "Fancy a catchup on the dog and bone, gov’na?" pic via @trotterpup ———- **HIRING ALERT** The BarkPost is sniffin’ around for an internet-lovin’ newshound to help out with all things content and social media for the BarkPost, UK Edition. This person is a hilarious dog ruver who will help write ridiculous + funny + heartwarming + hard hitting dog content tailored to the UK audience and will also manage + engage + grow our UK social paw-files. Strong writing skills, fluency in the Queen’s English, and a deep understanding of our brethren across the pond are imperative. Experience with digital content in the UK would be pawsome. Apply at —> barkbox.com/uk http://ift.tt/Z1MkZA

  6. #HarryPupper
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  7. Don’t wake up like this. #ToiletWaterGotMeLike #Woah via @deanthebasset http://ift.tt/Zvwx53

  8. "Yeah, but what’s the catch?" #CanYouBeNeuteredTwice? #ButSeriouslyTho via @rebeccacorry ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Join Angel and support adorable pibbles around the world with the #PitbullPack — email pitbullsofinstagram@gmail.com for more info!

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  9. "People say I’m fawning over him, but I don’t care!" #HesDeerToMe

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  11. "When you order the house Chardonnay and it’s CLEARLY a Pinot Blanc and it’s just like, come on can you not smell the difference here, like, seriously?Right? You know? Just get it together." #WhineMuch?
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  12. "Ah, totally forgot I can’t read." #ReadingRainbone via @buster40k http://ift.tt/1ugihpU

  13. instagrampuppies:

    My humans want me to be a dragon for Halloween, but I’m not impressed. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’€πŸ‘ΉπŸ²πŸ‰ by @sharpeistella

  14. otisthecorgi:

    The never-ending struggle.