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  2. "Do you know where we can catch the L train to Brooklyn?" via @thegracechon http://ift.tt/1fvM1HQ

  3. Winnie da Pooped Out! #HunnyTummy

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  4. Want any butter with those rolls?

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  5. "How we open dis thing?" - @bluestaffy http://ift.tt/1iO2mw3

  6. “Yeah… if you could just go ahead and put a cover sheet on those T-Pee-S reports, that’d be great.” #LumberghPuppedHer
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  7. “I’m supposed to alphabetize deez, but I can’t read…I’ve been in here fur five hours.” #HappyAdministrativeProfessionalsDay

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  8. This #derpface brought to you by @candyfloss_69 http://ift.tt/1f3H3ap

  9. "Oh. Hai." #subtlederp

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  10. Don’t tell nobodiez… but you’re so cute, you can have one fur free! - @schnitzel_von_krumm #CanineCasanova http://ift.tt/1mvuKmY

  11. Mamz! You forgot da lick cycle. #CleanPlateClub

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  12. Here’s the view when @lucybthebulldog takes a breather. #squishydogbutt http://ift.tt/1rjU1AT

  13. "The second I get down from here I’m going to poop in your slippers." 😉

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  14. Is this a #DogOrStuffedAnimal?

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  15. U r lookin’ at meh like you think I can’t smell dat peanut butter or something! - @savin_blue #GiveUpDaGoods http://ift.tt/1jwOELT