1. Just tryin’ ta eliminate a few steps between me and breakfast in bed, y’ know? #Innovator
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  2. "Oh hai." - @kelstarrising http://ift.tt/1qRZwsn

  3. Oh, @guskenworthy…Maybe u good at wearing big sticks on ya paws, but ur no good at chewing ‘em! Lemme show ya how it’s done! - @thesochipups http://ift.tt/RsQNRk

  4. Yeah, I’s a bunny… don’t worry ‘bout it. Come closer, I… wanna tell ya secret! - @iheartmiles #PeepsInPeril http://ift.tt/1hYBftm

  5. .@emmathegreatdane can’t wait for her first BarkBox! #EarsOfJoy http://ift.tt/1l7lfND

  6. Can we just skip the “knick-knack paddy-whack” and just skip to the good part? Via @Kittyandthebitch ;) http://ift.tt/1pbx6vX

  7. Patty cake, patty cake…fall…a…sleepz. #DerpyDreams
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  8. Happy #Wednesderp afternoon from office visitor Haku - @chamarapaul http://ift.tt/1l3BkUI

  9. "As far as I’m concerned, as long as dogs look at me like I’m a mailman’s leg, I’m earning my keep." —@BonjourBrie as Betty Draper

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  10. Dassit! I give in to da nap! #SleepySurrender - @4perfectpoms http://ift.tt/1l24m70

  11. "Wake us up in 20 mins, pees." #snooze - @3bulldogges http://ift.tt/1qZX7d7

  12. "Hittin’ the road with only the essentials… a towel, a toy and a BarkBox." - @sookpit http://ift.tt/1hJBgan

  13. It’s the first day of the Tuna Tour, folks! Doesn’t that derpy face just melt your heart? via @tunameltsmyheart

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  14. Hold still, Mamz. I lost a contact! #PuppyProblems

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  15. "I want to give a shoutout to all my peeps." - @simonthejackchi http://ift.tt/1eCpqyv