1. "This wine’s richness is complimented beautifully by the scent of dog butt…aaaand your drunk again." #FreeWine — Bark out to @shibasommelier for the lesson and wine tasting! http://ift.tt/1C7XWZW

  2. "My best trick has always been Algebra." #SmartyPup via @jessimaria http://ift.tt/1q9eWK9

  3. “I don’t judge you when you watch Netflix for hours in YOUR onesie.” - @digbyvanwinkle http://ift.tt/1vqCBJt

  4. “They said if I put this on, Kate Middleton would show up.” ‪#‎RoyalFail‬ via @montethemaltese http://ift.tt/1sId2yF

  5. Looks like @pixel_the_frenchie is #PassedThePupOut http://ift.tt/1C4zRmH

  6. "I get it. You need time to come out of your shell. I’ll wait for you." #TrueLoveIsTimeless via @chilberg http://ift.tt/1qA6qne

  7. "An apple a day keeps the vet away, right? …Right??" #DontLieToMeHuman via @charlietheminimutt http://ift.tt/1vnOBex

  8. "If the U.S. Open calls…you didn’t see nothin’. Got me?" - @thatdogbanks ‪#‎BallBoyFail‬ @usopen http://ift.tt/1zF73Nq

  9. "Keep the change. I cute for free." - @iampepino #‎Puplanthropist‬ http://ift.tt/1wCo4vv

  10. "Wanna see my pitties?" - via @pitbullsofinstagram
    Original photo via @noelaniig http://ift.tt/1mPkvZB

  11. Happy National Hog Day from @prissy_pig! #AreWeDoingThisRight? http://ift.tt/1sxWb1r

  12. Oh. My. DOG! Did you hear that it’s #NationalDogDay? Get out there and celebrate man’s best friend: smooch a pooch, hug a pug - or do something that doesn’t even rhyme!

    via @harlowandsage http://ift.tt/1mNtla5

  13. "Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. She does this every time I hug a skunk too." #SoWorthItThough#NoRegrets - @toby_littledude http://ift.tt/1mMLDIx

  14. Monday night munchies. #TheStruggleIsReal via @chubbsthewampug http://ift.tt/1BWXHAG

  15. Thanks for the socks, this is the best birthday ever. #YeahRight #YouDidntEvenTry via @journeyofnana http://ift.tt/1zuTY9v